Corporate Tours

The corporate outdoors team of The Explorers comprises of highly trained & qualified professionals that conducts outbound programmes based on adventure and team building sessions and have been operating in this field for more than 20 years. Most reputed organization have team off-sites in some form or the other to infuse better bonding, camaraderie and spirit of team work in the workforce to make the work atmosphere more productive, energetic and enjoyable.

What we have for you ?

A. Outdoor Management Development Programme (OMD)
This programme offers a unique blend of adventure, leadership and team building activities and recreational games. Your team will experience an impactful integration of thrill and learning in spectacular outdoor classrooms. We can conduct these programmes for you at locations such as Karjat, Igatpuri, Khandala, Kondgaon and Matheran. We have been conducting OMDs at all these places for more than two decades. All the places offer different types of accommodation. You can choose to stay at a comfortable resort, self-contained dormitories as well as tents.

Typically these programmes are conducted over 2-3 days and apart from a team of seasoned instructors they are also accompanied by an experienced facilitator. The prime objective of these programmes is team building, improving interpersonal communication, strengthening self-confidence and bonding amongst employees.

We also offer longer format of this programme which includes activities such as a camp in the Himalayas, river rafting camps and Himalayan treks where participants get exposed to higher challenges and they also get more time to bond and inculcate team spirit. Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Bhutan are some of the most popular destinations for longer duration OMDs that span about 4-8 days on an average.

B. Non OMD Programmes
We also offer non-OMD programmes whereby you can send your team for activities such as day treks, river rafting, cycling and community service trips. Although team-building and management development may not be the focus of these programmes, they do foster bonding and better inter-personal communication. Community service trips can also be an extension of your organisation’s CSR activities.

What’s More ?

A Complete Package

We would take care of all the logistics, leaving you absolutely free of worries to participate in the activities and get maximum benefit from these programmes. Some of these aspects that would be well looked after by us are as follows:

1. Transport arrangements
2. All meals i.e breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.
3. Equipments ( if required for outdoor / indoor activities.)
4. Services of well qualified & experienced facilitators and trainers
5. Accommodation ( As per your choice )