Day Trek to Tandulwadi Fort

Tandulwadi Fort Mahim (Kelve Mahim) is located near Saphale village in Palghar district, 104 km north of Mumbai, which lies at a height of 579 meters (about 1900 feet). Tandulwadi village is a small Varli tribal village. Nowadays Forest Department is making steps to go to the fort from Pimplapada (Lalthane). Tandulwadi is not a fully built up fort, but a series of structures spread over the top of the mountain. The fort dates back 800 years and was primarily used as a watchtower over the neighbouring forts and the sea. Lalthane waterfall situated just under the fort and is a popular attraction during the rainy season. There are many water cisterns, water crumbs, and walls of fortification found on this hilltop. The Vaitarna River flows from the eastern base of the hill. There is a village known as Lalathane near the river. There is a water body near the village and it should be built by the Portuguese


  • In 1454, the Sultan of Ahmedabad captured Mahikavati (Mahim) and one of his Sardar named Mallik Allauddin was made chief of Tandulwadi fort.
  • In 1509, the Portuguese took the fort after they wrested Diu from the Gujarat and established a stronghold at the nearby Vasai area, where they built the Vasai Fort.
  • The Portuguese lost control of the area to the Marathas in 1737 after the battle of Bassein.

What Awaits You

  • Moderate level trek
  • Serene views of places like:
  • The surrounding towns of Saphale
  • The Zanzorli lake
  • The confluence of the Surya and Vaitarna rivers.

Date and Price

Duration: 1 Day Trek

Departure: Sunday, 4th August

Price Rs. 1,450/-/-


  • Travel ex- Mumbai by reserved vehicle
  • Light breakfast
  • Village lunch
  • Evening tea / snack
  • GST

Please Note:

  • Travel time to Tandulwadi village (the base of the trek) : Approx 2 ½ hours
  • Difficulty level of the trek : Moderate
  • Climbing time : Approx 2 ½ hours uphill
  • Departure time ex Churchgate : 7.00 a.m
  • Pick-up points en-route
  • Arrival time at Churchgate : About 7.00 p.m

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