Mumbai on Cycles

Through The By-lanes Of Native Inhabitants

Though there is very little known about when the islands of Mumbai were first inhabited, human habitation of Mumbai existed since the Stone Age. The Maurya Empire gained control of the islands during the 3rd century BCE and transformed it into a centre of Buddhist culture and religion. Later, between the 2nd century BCE and 9th century BCE, the islands came under the control of successive indigenous dynasties: Satavahanas, Abhiras, Vakatakas, Kalachuris, Konkan Mauryas, Chalukyas,Rashtrakutas, Silharas and the Yadavas before being captured by the Muslim ruler of Gujarat in 1348. The Kolis , the Agris ( Fishing communities ) and the East Indians are considered to be the original inhabitants of Mumbai. On this cycling trip we shall take you through the settlements of the Koli and East Indian communities. You shall get a peek into the architectural designs, important structures and life style of these two communities. The trip shall start from Churchgate and cover Kalbadevi, Khotachi Wadi, Mazgaon, Worli Koliwada and Dadar from where we shall pedal back to Churchgate.


  • Settlements of the East Indian community is known as ‘Gaothans’
  • The East Indians were the local fishing and farming communities that were converted to Christianity by the Portuguese in the 15th and 16th Century
  • Mazgaon has a Chinese Temple dating back to 1919
  • Mazgaon mangoes find a mention as the ‘Mangoes of Mazagong’ in the epic poem Lallah Rookh by Thomas Moore in 1817
  • Matharpacady in Mazgaon has some of the "oldest and quaintest" houses in Mumbai
  • Mumbai city’s name was also coined keeping in mind ‘Mumbadevi’, the Goddess worshipped by the Kolis
  • There is temple dedicated to Betal at Worli Koliwada

What Awaits You

  • A peek into life of the original inhabitants of Mumbai
  • Visit to some of the oldest and lesser known parts of the city
  • A glimpse of some of the architectural marvels of the bygone days
  • Visit to some of the quaint and ancient temples

Date and Price

Duration: 8.00 a.m- 1.00 p.m ( 5 hours )


  • March 8th
  • March 22nd

Price Rs. 1800 /-


  • Bicycle (with gears)
  • 1 Liter water bottle
  • Expertise & Guidance
  • Back up Vehicle
  • All taxes

Please Note:

  • Cycling, even on flat surface for extended duration can be moderately strenuous. Participants who are cycle only occasionally are requested to do some exercise, cardio and stretching at least for a week before the trip to enjoy the experience to the fullest.
  • First aid / medicine box shall be available with the trip leader should there be a need

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