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Wildlife Safari at Tadoba National Park

Where Tigers Roar And Bisons Bellow


November 10, December 01, 2023

Tour Duration

3 Days / 2 Nights


Located in Chandrapur district of the state of Maharashtra, Tadoba National Park is at present one of the top three national parks of India for sighting of wildlife. The rich biodiversity of Tadoba and the surrounding areas were the seat of power of the valiant Gond kings who ruled this area for centuries. Apart from being one of the top tiger habitats, Tadoba is also home to a large number of leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, hyenas, a variety of deer and about 181 species of birds. It also shelters the endangered marsh crocodiles and recently a black leopard, perhaps a progeny of Bageera of the famed Jungle Book was also sighted at Tadoba!

At Tadoba you have a great chance of sighting the majestic tiger and even other carnivores. The tigers of Tadoba have been accorded celebrity names such as: Lara, Gabbar, Mona, Madhuri, Amitabh Maya, Tara & Mallika, to name a few!

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