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Arunachal Pradesh

In the land of red panda


Date to be announced soon..

Tour Duration

7 Nights / 8 Days

Arunachal Pradesh, also known as ‘The Land of Dawn-lit Mountains’ is one of the most rugged and pristine mountain states of India. It has received mention even in the ancient Hindu text of the Kalika Purana and the epic poems of Mahabharata and Ramayana!


Formerly known as the North East Frontier Agency- NEFA (from the British colonial era), this mesmerizing land, located in the eastern Himalayas was part of Assam until 1987 when became an independent Indian state. The entire terra firma of Arunachal is primarily hilly with altitude ranging from about 300 meters to above 7000 meters above mean sea level! The altitudinal and climatic variation of the state results in a variety of landscapes and forests which harbor one of the planet’s last great biodiversity.  Nine large Himalayan rivers flow through the state.  A land of supreme natural beauty and rich ancient traditions, Arunachal shares its international borders with Tibet, Bhutan and Burma .There are more than 40 tribes and sub-tribes in this state who trace their indigenous history to not just some Southeast Asian countries but even faraway places such as Mongolia!




Located about 230 kms from Guwahati, Bhalukpong is the gateway to Eastern Arunachal Pradesh. This beautiful small town is situated on the banks of river Kameng and is surrounded by dense jungles teeming with a variety of wildlife which makes it ideal for nature walks. You also have the option of trying out river rafting on Kameng river.

Bhalukpong is primarily inhabited by the indigenous Aka Tribe also known as Hrusso and the language they speak belongs to the Tibeto-Burman family. The Akas are primarily Animists and believe that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence and superstitions and magic play an important role in their belief system!

What’s in store for you here?

A close look at the life of Aka Tribe people and invigorating nature trail in the wilderness along Kameng river.



Located about 42kms from Bomdila, Dirang is a small town perched at an altitude of about 5100 meters above sea level, by the banks of river Kameng. Dirang is also the gateway to the spectacular town of Tawang. Dewy red apple and orchards and traditional houses make this place even more charming. Smiling people, magnificent landscape and the overall beauty of Dirang makes it one of the must-go places for all the nature-lovers and photographers.

What’s in store for you here?

A close look at the life of Visit to the National Yak Research and Breeding Center at Nigmadung near Dirang, kiwi farm, Dirang Dzong ( fort ), that dates back to the 17th century and  walks through the lanes of this charming town will not fail to leave a lasting impression in your mind for a lifetime.

sangti valley 1.jpg

Sangti Valley

Hidden some 15 kms away from Dirang, Sangti Valley is one of the best kept secrets of Arunachal Pradesh. Located along the Dirang river,this whole area is almost picture-perfect. The idyllic and charming surroundings of Sangti makes it the proverbial ‘Heaven on Earth’ in every sense of the word. It is so serene and quiet that you can even hear your own breath!

What’s in store for you here?

The magical natural landscape, interaction with the friendly and smiling Monpas, the natives of this valley and the Brokpa shepherds, ending the day with a warm cuppa of chai by the banks of Sangti river!



Sandwiched between Tibet and Bhutan at a commanding height of about 10,000 feet above sea level, Tawang is an amazing blend of cultures, religion, temples, cuisine and people. As you leave Dirang and head towards Tawang the road winds through some of the most spectacular scenery as you climb higher and higher till the towering Sela (Pass). This 8 hour drive is a complete delight for the adventure and nature lovers. Once at Tawang, you will find yourself surrounded by awesome snow-clad peaks.

What’s in store for you here?

You will drive through Sela Pass which is one of the highest motorable passes in the world. Dating back to the 17th century, the Tawang Monastery is the second largest monastery in the world. It was built to house, feed and teach over 700 monks! The burst of colours that characterize large number of small temples at Tawang will leave you mesmerized. You shall also visit three of the most spectacular high-altitude Himalayan lakes during your stay at Tawang and Bumla Pass located close to Indo-China border.



On our return journey from Tawang we shall have a stop-over at Bomdila which is a quaint town located at a commanding height of about 8000 feet above sea level. Apart from its scenic beauty, Bomdila is famous for its tales of war and valour. It was the site of the bloody face-off between the Indian and Chinese troops during the 1962 war when the Chinese army had reached right up to Bomdila, but from here they had to retreat.

What’s in store for you here?

You shall visit the War Memorial, an apple orchard and do a guided exploration of this hamlet to shop for handicrafts and sample some delicious momos and thukpas!



Situated on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river, Guwahati is a city rich in culture and is considered as the gateway to the north-eastern part of India. On our trip we shall have a stop-over for 2 nights in Guwahati i.e at the start and end of our tour to Arunachal.

What’s in store for you here?

A visit to the ancient Kamakhya Temple which is one of the oldest Shakti Peeths ( Temples with highest power of divinity ) and is also known for its Tantrik practices and a delightful sunset cruise on the mighty Brahmaputra river!


  • The Dong Valley of Arunachal Pradesh is the first place to receive sunrise in India.

  • Arunachal is the largest of all the north-eastern states of India.

  • With forest cover of 80%, the air in Arunachal is one of the healthiest you can experience.

  • Arunachal is home to 26 indigenous tribes and about 100 sub tribes.

  • Tawang monastery of Arunachal is the second largest monastery of the world after Potala Palace in Tibet.

  • English is the only official language of Arunachal!

  • Arunachal has the thinnest population density in the country.


Indian nationals need Inner Line Permit (I.L.P) and foreign nationals need Restricted Area Permit (R.A.P) to visit Arunachal Pradesh. Assistance in procuring these shall be provided by us.

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