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A Slice of Ancient History and Culture

Goa- Badami – Hampi  – Dandeli – Karwar – Goa


Date to be announced soon..

Tour Duration

5 Nights / 6 Days

Distance Covered

Approx. 860 kms

Sometimes all you need is good company and a car! This Road Trip will take you back in time and you could relive the old wonders of our India. This road trip is filled with an up close peek into the grand and awe inspiring wonders of the historical legacy of India. Much of the splendid ancient past of the southern part of India still remains less known and this road trip will give you the opportunity to visit some of the treasured and spectacular sites that speak of India’s glorious historical past that to a large extent remains overshadowed by the history of the northern part of India, even today.


You will discover the richness of this legacy at Badami and Pattadkal from where ruled the mighty Chalukyas and later at Hampi which is reminiscent of the great Vijayanagar Empire. You shall be in the company of an expert who shall take you back to the dreamy medieval times of India! Later on this trip you shall head to Dandeli, a place surrounded by lush jungles teeming with wildlife. Karwar would be our last pit stop on this road trip which is a beautiful coastal town in north Karnataka.


This road trip shall be a fabulous blend of reliving ancient history, experiencing the joy of being in wilderness and soaking up the unique flavor of the culture of northern Karnataka.




Located around 285 kms from Dabolim airport in Goa, Badami is picturesquely nestled at the mouth of a ravine between two rocky hills. It is the erstwhile capital of the powerful Chalukya Empire that ruled this part of India during the medieval period. Reminiscence of their grandeur and power can be seen in the many cave temples adorned with exquisite sculptures and scripts.

During your stay at Badami you shall also visit the famous site of Pattadkal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a testament to the richness of Chalukyan architecture.


Located about 140 away from Badami, Hampi is a treasure trove of tales of the powerful and opulent Vijayanagar Empire. For nearly 200 years of its rule this empire established itself as the most powerful kingdom in south India with its rein extending from North Karnakata to Kerala right down. This empire patronized art, sculpture and literature, the reminiscence of which you shall see closely at this site. Have you heard of the famous king Krishnadev Raya? He was at the helm when Vijayanagar became the largest empire in India after the decline of the Delhi Sultanate. After its dominance for 200 years, the dynasty was decimated by the Deccan Sultanate. In many ways the Vijayanagar Empire was the last chapter in the history of independent India.

In the sprawling complex of Hampi you shall get to see some of the most exquisite creations of the Vijayangar Empire. Due to its grandeur and historical treasures Hampi has accorded the honour of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The musical pillars, inverted tower, Lord Ganesha’s unusual statue, the tricky baby elephant and many more such marvels await you at Hampi!



Situated on the banks of river Kali, Dandeli is characterized by an endless expanse of dense jungles that shelters a wide range of wild animals and birds that include the elusive black panthers, elephants, sloth bear, the Malabar giant squirrel, pied hornbills and parakeets to name a few. The Dandeli wildlife sanctuary has 11 tigers too!

Apart from an exhilarating safari, what awaits you at Dandeli are thrilling river rafting and coracle ride on river Kali as well!


The coastal town of Karwar is an ideal place to experience the perfect blend of culture and cuisine of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. This town is known for its lovely beaches, beautiful temples and amazing cuisine. It is also a prominent base of the Indian Navy so a visit to the Warship Museum would be something that you can look forward to.

Our stay in Karwar would pretty much be about experiencing its culture, cuisine and serenity of its isolated beaches. Karwar’s tranquil ambiance had inspired the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore and he has dedicated a chapter of his biography to this town and one of the beaches here is named after him!



  • It is the only state in India that follows the matrilineal system that means the lineage and inheritance of families is traced through women.

  • The living root bridges were made 500 years ago, and still can carry 40 people at one time. It is said, it gets stronger as it grows old.

  • Mawsynram, holding the highest rainfall record makes Meghalaya the state with the highest rainfall.

  • The soundproofing system at Mawsynram and Cherrapunji is surprising and unique as the folks use grass to beat the sound of heavy rain falling on their huts.

  • Krem Liat, located in Jaintia hills of this state is the longest natural cave of India.

  • A mysterious insect found in one of the districts of Meghalaya stays underground for 4 years and come up only a month before the soccer world cup!

  • The X-mas frog which is 1/3rd of the size of your thumb is found in Shillong and they were discovered on Christmas day in 1970, hence the name!

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