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ExperientialRoad Trips

Explore .. Discover .. Connect ( Make connections )


These trips take you on ‘roads less travelled’ where you get to experience the
splendor of India which are relatively less explored and off the usual tour
itineraries. The drives take you through some remote areas, pristine jungles,
historical sites, hamlets and ancient towns where you get to soak up the flavor of
India’s countryside. The core objective of our experiential road trips is to give you
an intimate experience of the diverse cultures and traditions of some of the
amazing parts of India that have retained their pristine charm and legacy having
their origins in the ancient times, with many going back to thousands of years! We
have also been offering these trips to Bhutan for more than two decades.


Typically the daily driving distances are about 300 kms and the routes are chosen
carefully to ensure the journey is as exciting as the destinations. 


If you are one of those who is adventurous and is passionate about discovering
enchanting cultures, fascinating ancient traditions, mesmerizing grandeur of
nature and historical legacy of India by road, with pit-stops at quaint hamlets and
‘dhabas’, these trips are just for you!

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