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Road Trip Through The Jungles Of Dang

Of tribes, forest and ancient caves


 August 25, 2023

Tour Duration

3 Days / 2 Nights


If you want to experience the magic of dense jungles inhabited by ancient tribes you can’t miss the Dangs of Gujarat. With an area of 1764 sq km, the Dangs is Gujarat’s smallest district, and the only one in the country owned almost solely by the Forest Department. Large part of the Dangs is classified as a protected area and is a delight for those who want to have a close commune with pristine wilderness. The forest is dotted with several tribal villages and you shall get to have a peek into their way of life that has remained pretty much unchanged for centuries.

Our night stay will be at Saputara, the lone hill station of Gujarat which is perched above the Dang Jungles at a height of about 3500ft above sea level. Saputara also offers excellent opportunities to try out tandem paragliding!  On the next leg of this road trip you shall head to Nasik where you shall visit a vineyard and explore the ancient Buddhist caves of Pandav Leni. So this would be a short and exciting driving trip that is guaranteed to give you a great blend of exploration, adventure and rejuvenation!

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